Snapchat: New Safety Features for Young Users!

Snapchat: New Safety Features for Young Users!

We have some exciting news about Snapchat, the cool app where you share funny pictures and stories. Guess what? Snapchat is making things even safer for you with some new changes. Let’s dive into the story!

Snapchat : New Superpower for Parents:

Imagine parents having a superhero power to keep you safe on Snapchat’s. Well, now they do! Snapchat has given parents a cool new superpower to decide if they want you to talk to a special robot friend called “My AI.” It’s like your parents getting to choose who you play with at the playground.

Snapchat: New Safety Features for Young Users!

Snapchat : Meet My AI – The Robot Pal:

In April, Snapchat introduced a new friend for you – My AI! It’s like a computer friend you can chat with. But, some parents had questions about whether My AI was the best buddy for you. Now, Snapchat listened to parents and made a change. If your parents want, they can make My AI take a little break and not talk to you. It’s like a pause button for robot chats!

Snapchat : Keeping It Safe – Snapchat’s Promise:

Snapchat’s cares a lot about you. They promised that My AI already has some superhero shields. It’s like having armor to protect you from anything not nice. The robot friend knows what to say and what not to say. If someone tries to use it too much, Snapchat will give them a timeout – just like when you need to take a break from playing.

Snapchat : The New Parental Playground:

Now, parents have a secret place called the “Family Center.” It’s like a special playground for parents where they can watch over you and make sure everything is okay. They can peek into your stories, see who you talk to, and even check if you’re telling your location. It’s not to be bossy, but to keep you safe and sound.

Snap Map Magic:

There’s a magical feature called “Snap Map.” It’s like a treasure map where your friends can see where you are. But wait, parents can now see it too! Not because they want to spoil the fun, but because they care about your safety. It’s like having a guide on your magical adventure.

Why Did They Do It?:

Snapchat’s did all these cool things because they heard parents worrying about you and your friends’ safety on the internet. They want everyone to have fun and be safe while using Snapchat’s. It’s like adding extra seat belts to a rollercoaster – just to make sure everyone is secure!

Conclusion of Our Snapchat Adventure:

So, that’s the end of our Snapchat adventure, little tech pals! Now, your parents can be the superheroes of Snapchat, making sure everything is okay. Remember, they do it because they love you and want you to have the best time on the internet. Until our next tech exploration, bye-bye

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