Substack : A Safer Space for Everyone

Substack : A Safer Space for Everyone

We’ll embark on an exciting journey into a special land called Substack, where people share their stories. But as we explore, we’ll learn that sometimes stories can be a bit unkind, and Substack is determined to make it a safe and happy space for everyone.

Substack : A Place for Stories:

Imagine Substack as a magical land where writers tell captivating stories to people like you. It’s a place filled with adventures, laughter, and the joy of storytelling. However, just like in our playroom, there are some rules in Substack’s to ensure that everyone has a good and respectful time.

Substack : A Safer Space for Everyone

Substack : Casey Newton’s Discovery:

In this magical land, there was a clever person named Casey Newton. He discovered some stories that weren’t following the rules – stories that might make some people feel sad or scared. Just like when we see something not right in our play area, Casey told Substack’s about these stories.

Substack’s : Taking Action:

Guess what? Substack’s listened! They decided to take away five stories that were not playing by the rules. It’s like when a grown-up takes away toys from a group of friends who are not sharing and playing nicely. These stories had about 100 friends, but they were not being very friendly.

Substack’s Change of Heart:

Substack’s is usually a place where writers can express themselves freely. However, this time, they decided that they needed to make sure everyone feels safe and happy in their magical storytelling land. It was a change of heart to ensure a positive and respectful environment for all.

Guidelines and Rules:

Substack’s has some special rules, like saying no to stories that make people feel bad or talk about hurting others. It’s like having rules in our playroom – “Let’s play nicely, and everyone will have fun!”

A December Letter:

Many writers on Substack wrote a letter in December. They said they didn’t like some stories that were spreading not-so-nice ideas. These writers wanted Substack to change and make it a better place for everyone.

Pro-Nazi Content:

Some stories on Substack had symbols that were not friendly, like a swirly symbol called a swastika. Substack said, “That’s not okay!” and took those stories away. Symbols like the swastika are not friendly; they can remind us of sad times, and Substack wants to keep everything happy and positive.

Making Substack Better:

Substack wants to be a place where everyone can share good and happy stories. They don’t want stories that make people feel sad or scared. Substack is like a caring grown-up ensuring that the stories are suitable for everyone, big and small.

Profit Sharing:

Substack also talked about something called profits. It’s like when we share toys with our friends. Substack takes a little bit of money from some stories, but only the good ones that follow the rules. It’s a fair way to make sure everyone benefits from the magical storytelling land.


So, Substack’s is like a big playground for stories, and they are making sure everyone plays nicely. It’s good to have rules so that everyone, big and small, can enjoy the stories together. As you continue exploring the magical land of Substack’s, keep smiling and reading happy stories, little friends!

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